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Altova DatabaseSpy Enterprise Edition

Altova DatabaseSpy 2016 Enterprise Edition is the unique multi-database tool from the creators of XMLSpy
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29 October 2015

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A SQL editor and multi-database tool.

Altova DatabaseSpy 2015 is a multi-database query, design, and database comparison tool. It is capable of generating elegant charts directly from query results. This tool connects to most major databases easily. Activities like SQL editing, database structure design, database content editing, database schema and content comparison, and database conversion can all be done quite easily with this tool. It contains a customizable SQL auto-completion editor that helps SQL query development. These queries can be executed and they provide immediate results in one or more windows. The windows may be tabbed or stacked one on top of another. So that, appropriate formatting can be applied immediately you connect to a database, SQL formatting configurations are provided for each supported database. DatabaseSpy provides a wide variety of charting. These charts display the query results in a graphical manner. Line charts, bar charts, pie charts, area charts, and and other advanced formatting options are available.

A graphical design editor helps to view and edit the structure of all your databases. It lets you examine tables and relationships in an existing database. You can edit the tables to exactly suit your needs. Entire tables can be added and their column attributes specified. Relationships to other tables could be defined too. Data base compare and merge features are available. This helps locate changes, migrate differences, or synchronize versions of databases. Table contents, and or database schemas can be compared and merged. It will let you migrate entire database structures from one database type to another. The SQL editor automatically adjusts for syntax differences between databases.

Publisher's description

Altova DatabaseSpy 2016 Enterprise Edition is the unique multi-database query, design, compare, and convert tool from the creators of XMLSpy. DatabaseSpy connects to all major databases, easing SQL editing and other database tasks for a fraction of the cost of single-database solutions. DatabaseSpy provides a straightforward database connection wizard and organizes connections and related project files to make accessing your databases and their components effortless. You can open connections to multiple databases at once, even databases of different types. It clearly presents tables, views, stored procedures, and data in convenient windows, and lets you directly edit database content. DatabaseSpy's SQL Editor facilitates query writing with code completion, syntax coloring, drag & drop editing, and more. You can retrieve data from multiple tables and display results in individual, named windows for maximum clarity. DatabaseSpy generates customized business intelligence charts from query results in your choice of line, bar, pie, area, gauge, or candlestick styles. DatabaseSpy's powerful Design Editor enables graphical design and visualization of database structures or schemas. DatabaseSpy lets you compare, convert, and merge the structure or contents of database tables, whether they are the same database type or equivalent tables in different databases. XML support includes advanced capabilities to inspect XML data in tables and to manage the XML Schemas used to validate that data. It exports data in five formats and imports data from CSV and XML files. DatabaseSpy connects to Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, Informix, Sybase, Firebird, and Microsoft Access via ADO, JDBC, or ODBC drivers. With all this capability and more, DatabaseSpy is sure to save you time, simplify your work, and ensure accuracy for all your data. DatabaseSpy is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Altova DatabaseSpy Enterprise Edition
Altova DatabaseSpy Enterprise Edition
Version 2016
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